New Splatoon Ranked Battle Mode Arrives Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that a brand new Splatoon Ranked Battle mode, called Tower Control, will be available tomorrow at 7 PM PST. The latest addition to the steady stream of content trickled out since the game’s release late last month, Tower Control changes the game considerably by introducing a focus on dynamic tower defense. Players have to race to claim the tower in the middle of the map, which then begins moving on a set path towards the opposing goal; the job only gets harder once you’re on the tower, though, and you’ll have to rely on your skills and teammates to ride it all the way to a Knockout Victory.

Nintendo’s content release strategy for Splatoon was a little disconcerting before release, but as the frequent addition of new maps, weapons, and modes has showed us, the Japanese company’s latest IP really has the potential to be a lasting member of your daily gaming regimen.