Splatoon Update Adjusts Splatfest, Weapons and Gear

All of us kids and, of course squids, have been playing Splatoon almost constantly. It’s all the rage, and rightfully so with its bright colors, addicting multiplayer modes and its great storyline.

Splatfest, starting July 4, comes with a few adjustments to make waiting time more fun. While the game searches for opponents for your team, you will be able to play against your own teammates. You will receive participation points during these matches, but these will not count toward the overall scores of Splatfest. There will also be random players selected to participate in the festivities a whole five minutes ahead of schedule in order to lighten the load on the servers.

A couple of the best power-ups to use in the game are Inkstrike and Kraken; however, both of these just got a bit of a downgrade. The Inkstrike’s blast radius will be more consistent no matter where it lands, which is either better or worse for those using it for strategic purposes. The Kraken will get knocked back more with every attack it receives making it a little less invincible.

Three of the gear abilities will get their downgrades as well. Ninja Squid swimming speed has been lowered, Stealth Jumps will take even longer to arrive at your destination, and, depending on your damage and speed, Ink Resistance Up will adjust accordingly when walking through enemy ink.

Once you go to load Splatoon via the Wii U GamePad, you’ll get the notice of its update. Some of these changes may go unnoticed to the average kid but for the most seasoned squid veterans, they’ll catch it right away.