Ancient Origins Pokémon Trading Cards Coming in August

With the latest Pokémon movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages coming soon, there’s a few things to get you excited for the show. While you could check out a new dancing game, there’s probably a better and more rewarding way with an expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card game.

XY– Ancient Origins cards are making their way to decks on August 12 and features several key changes. There are 8 Mega Evolutions including Tyranitar and Hoopa. Legendary Pokémon come in shiny forms along with different Ancient Traits. Other Pokémon receive Ancient Traits and there are 14 new trainer cards coming to the set.

Two pre-constructed decks will be available for purchase in retail stores. And as an added bonus, all booster packs and decks will come with digital codes for you to use the same exact cards in Pokémon TCG Online.