ARK: Survival Evolved Now Available on Mac, Linux

The popular open-world, dinosaur-themed Steam Early Access game ARK: Survival Evolved is now available on Mac and Linux. Needless to say, players of the Unreal Engine 4-powered first-person survival game will still be able to play with each other regardless of what platform they are playing on. Effectively demonstrating that there is no greater danger than our fellow man, players of the popular dynamic survival game have already come together to form tribes, using their tamed dinosaurs to collectively raid each other or do more specialized things like break a captured comrade out of a player-made prison. Strategies like riding a Triceratops into another tribe’s base happen often and some players have even taken to taming and riding large sea creatures instead of building boats.

Speaking of sea creatures, two new oceanic dinosaurs have been added the over-70 available prehistoric beasts that populate the island ecosystem of ARK: the Plesiosaurus and the Ichthysaurus. The Pleisosaurus is large and sturdy, making him not only perfect for transporting goods across large bodies of water, but also useful as a mobile base on said body of water. It is so large that even buildings can be built on it. The Ichthysaurus is on the other end of the seafaring spectrum, it is an agile and friendly swimmer. The Ichthy’s role may be likened to a combination between a jet-ski and a dolphin.



Developer Studio Wildcard plan to officially launch ARK: Survival Evolved on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam – with Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift VR support – next June. At least on Steam, the game will also feature extensive mod-support. In celebration of today’s cross-platform launch, ARK: Survival Evolved will also be 17% off on Steam until next Wednesday. For more on ARK, check out our latest preview.