Dark Pit amiibo Exclusive to Best Buy

With the amiibo craze still at an all-time high, the next one to be released is going to be tough to get your hands on. Dark Pit made his video game debut in Kid Icarus: Uprising and was created after Pit destroyed the Mirror of Truth. He now makes his return appearance as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. 

As all Super Smash Bros. characters are receiving their own amiibo figures, Dark Pit will be available to own on July 31. Dark Pit figures will only be available at Best Buy stores and it will be limited to one per customer, good luck.


Curiously, there happens to be no word on when the Palutena amiibo will become available. According to the official amiibo website, Palutena is scheduled to be released this month as well. So far no announcement has been made to whether she’ll be exclusive to a certain retailer or not.