World of Tanks Partners With Google to Bring Viewers Virtually Inside the Tanks

World of Tanks is a highly immersive online experience, but there’s been one area where it’s never rolled before: virtual reality. That all changes today as Wargaming has announced a venture with Google for this year’s Tankfest to launch a series of virtual reality videos that bring viewers inside the tanks.

The first series will star some of the legends of World of Tanks – the T-34-85, the Easy-8 Sherman “Fury” from the Brad Pitt film, the Type 59, Leopard 1 and the Chieftain. The tanks were captured with the help of Google at the The Tank Museum in Bovington, England.

Those with the appropriate equipment to view VR such as NANO VISR or Google Cardboard can head over here to check out the first wave of videos.