Guerrilla Games Releases Breakdown Trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer Guerrilla Games released on Thursday a new breakdown video for the studio’s upcoming PlayStation 4 IP, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Mark Norris, senior producer on Horizon Zero Dawn, highlights a few of the mechanics and features incorporated in the title, while also revealing certain aspects that may have been overlooked in the title’s 2015 E3 trailer.

Aloy, the main protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, won’t be wielding a regular composite bow, according to Norris, as her weapon is made up of “a mixture of elements,” including machine parts.

“Almost at first glance you take a look at that bow and you might think, ‘Wait, that’s just a regular composite bow,’” Norris explained. “But then you take a closer look and you actually notice that it’s a mixture. It’s a mixture of elements.

“First, it’s a mixture of elements found in the naturally occurring environment, but it’s also mixed with machine parts. So, machine parts are the key to Horizon Zero Dawn. They’re the base of the economy and you’re gonna want them because Aloy is the master craftswoman.”

The trailer showcased for Horizon Zero Dawn at E3 last month demonstrated that the title would utilise a wagon wheel system, meaning that Aloy can cycle through the different weapons she has and access them at any point.

Norris touched upon this factor during the breakdown video, as he confirms that some weapons will have up to three different types of ammunition — Aloy’s trusty bow is one of them — while other weapons might have more or less upgrade options available.

Horizon Zero Dawn, which was unveiled at Sony’s E3 press conference, is Guerrilla Games’ first new IP since Killzone’s release in 2004 for PlayStation 2, with Norris reasserting that the developer’s latest title is a “fully fledged RPG.”

Running on a modified Killzone engine, Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled for release in 2016 exclusively for PS4.