Siegefall Blends Strategy and Base-Building into One Game

Gameloft is behind some of most successful games on mobile platforms. Modern Combat in particular is one of the best examples of what developers can do with multiplayer. The same team behind the first four Modern Combat games is back with Siegefall, an online multiplayer strategy game that combines strategy, base-building and cards to create a unique experience for mobile gamers.

Siegefall employs a simple, one-touch interface. Players enter battle with legions of troops and a hero, who can all be manipulated with the swipe of a finger. Tap on a troop, slide them towards a target and let chaos reign. The hero is the most powerful unit on the battlefield. Players will start out with a single hero, but unlock more as they progress through the single player campaign. You’ll want to keep them safe and alive since, unlike normal units, heroes can’t be resurrected.

Siegefall 01
After a short tutorial, players are given their own castle to build as they see fit. Here you can use in-game currency, or purchased gems, to build mines, sawmills and farms to earn more resources. You’ll also need to spend them on defense towers, explosives, barricades and walls to ward off enemies. In multiplayer, other players will attack your castle, and weak castles will easily fall and your riches taken.

What makes Siegefall unique is its card gameplay. These magic cards allow you to unleash powerful spells on an enemy castle that can easily turn the tide of battle. Freeze foes, launch explosive borders and even conjure fearsome dragons. Cards can be won, found in loot, or purchased, and you’ll want to have cards when challenging some of the toughest foes.

Siegefall 02

Siegefall utilizes a stylized art-style that is colorful and vibrant. The Modern Combat games were at the forefront of delivering breathtaking visuals on mobile platforms, but Siegefall doesn’t push the boundaries in any significant way. It’s a nice game to look at, but it’s not a game that shows off what capable mobile devices can do.

Gameloft likely has another mobile hit on their hands with Siegefall. People love base-building games (Clash of Clans, The Simpsons: Tapped Out), and they also love fantasy. I didn’t get to go in-depth with the game’s microtransactions, but as long as Gameloft can keep them out of the core gameplay then the microtransactions should be fine. Siegefall is set to launch real soon on iOS and Android devices.