Tales of Symphonia Coming to PC, Zestiria Collector’s Edition Revealed

The announcement that Tales of Zestiria was heading to PS4 wasn’t a big shock, but its arrival on PC was. To top that surprise, Bandai Namco has officially announced through their Tales of blog that Tales of Symphonia will be heading to PC, as well.

The game will be based on the HD version released last year, but unfortunately no further details other than a 2016 launch have been given. Here’s hoping for 60fps and higher graphical settings, but I suppose we’ll see how Bandai Namco adapts Zestiria first before getting our hopes up.

In addition, a Zestiria Collector’s Edition has also been announced, at least for Europe. The Collector’s Edition will come with 4 Chibi Kyun Chara figures, Lady of the Lake sanctuary cloth artwork, a hardback artbook, a 30 minute anime DVD, selected soundtrack, exclusive Normin metalcase and a Collector’s Edition box.