World of Warships Sails into Open Beta

It’s been a long time coming, but World of Warships has today entered Open Beta. With the Closed Beta a huge success with over 410,000 players setting sail, the Open Beta looks to bring even more prospective ship captains into the fold.

“World of Warships’ Closed Beta was strong out of the gate and showed no signs of slowing as players and streamers embraced the game, then took to the high seas for legendary naval combat,” said Jake Neri, Publishing Producer Wargaming NA. “Participation was solid and a community of passionate, dedicated players was born to help shape the game with their feedback. We can only match that by working on the game with just as much passion. Building on all of this enthusiasm we look forward to welcoming even more players into the Open Beta test for a game we are so proud of.”

The Open Beta launches with over eighty American and Japanese warships — including battleships, destroyers, tactical aircraft carriers and cruisers — and ten original maps. Gameplay in World of Warships is centered around 12v12 PvP or PvE battles.

The Open Beta marks not only the game becoming publically available, however, but also the inclusion of Soviet and UK nations as well as a robust signal flag customization system. Earned in battle as achievements and applied to vessels to enhance performance, the signal flags in-game are not only cosmetic but also functional. Signal flags will display a player’s prowess on the water while providing buffs and advantages, such as extra battle credits, increased combat experience points, improved vessel speed and more.

More still, all purchased pre-order packages will be credited to players and Closed Beta testers who used their bundles during the previous testing phase are credited them once again.

Head over to the official World of Warships site for all the info and check out the official Open Beta trailer below: