Project: Session is a Skateboarding Game Without Combos

Skateboarding games have come in disparate flavors over the years, from arcade-style hits like NeverSoft’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarding to 2D bangers like roll7’s OlliOlli to hardcore simulators like EA’s Skate. Joining the latter camp is crea-ture Studios’ Project: Session, an upcoming indie skateboarding game that focuses on authenticity and creativity.

The developers promise “no turbo timer, gazillions of combo multipliers and shit,” claiming that the game is instead “entirely focused on creativity and freedom of expression, nothing else!” The game has an interesting aesthetic in its teaser, making it appear that the game will look like fish-eye footage played from a VHS tape, which aside from being an interesting look, also does wonders to hide any graphical shortcomings the game might have being from a small studio.

Project: Session has gotten nothing but an announcement and the teaser trailer below so far, but given that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 will be coming out soon, it’s really interesting to see a skateboarding revival. No platforms have been announced yet, but crea-ture Studios say that the game will come to Kickstarter soon.