WWE 2K16 Cover Art Coming Monday

You just can’t have WWE without Raw, ever since 1993 it’s been the premiere show to watch some of the most talented wrestlers and entertainers compete in the ring. Raw is also known to have a few surprises as well.

This Monday, July 6, they will be treating fans to the first look of the WWE 2K16 video game cover art. The folks over at 2K posted on their Twitter that they just wrapped up a marketing meeting and to stay tuned to Raw. They then finished with a snappy Damian Sandow one-liner with, “you’re welcome.”

We’re not sure which WWE superstar is expected to grace the cover. John Cena appeared on last years’ game and The Rock on the one before that. There have been several photos released of a few superstars making their in-game appearance, perhaps it’s one of them. The game is also boasting the largest roster in history with 120 characters to choose from, so take your pick. But we will have to just tune in to Monday Night Raw and find out.