Myriad Bringing Its Color Symphony to PS4 and Vita

Ever want to conduct a symphony?  Stand on a podium, wave a little stick, and get to wear fancy clothes while circles of light and color explode around you, turning the world into pure, beautiful audio-visual feedback?  That’s how Disney’s Fantasia says conducting works, and Diseney would never lie.  Backing up this assertion is Myriad, a game about turning the twin-stick shooter into a performance piece of hyper-contrast color and energy.  Myriad poked its head out back in January, and part of the time spent since then has involved today’s announcement that it’s coming to PS4 and Vita when it launches.

Myriad is a game about player control, using the classic twin-stick shooter as its basis.  Every circle in the game is yours to play with, including the ones that make up the traversable area of the arena.  The goal is to create and massive complex of circles and then blow them up in a giant chain reaction, feeding into the power-up system and allowing you to do it again, bigger and harder.  It looks beautiful and chaotic, and while Myriad’s release date is still a bit of a mystery, it’s going to get a home on the Sony systems when it lands.