P.T. Spiritual Successor ‘Allison Road’ in Talks for PS4, Xbox One Version

It didn’t take long for a…let’s call it a “tribute”…to emerge after P.T. was regrettably and unceremoniously cancelled by Konami. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for indie project Allison Road to build up hype and the game has been making rapid progress. In a recent interview about the game with creator Christian Kesler, it was asked “For now, we know Allison Road is being developed as a PC game, but is there any chance changing that down the road, adding other platforms, since P.T. was PS4 exclusive and a lot of players on consoles are just craving for something like this?” to which Kesler responded “I am currently talking to PlayStation and ID@Xbox, but as of right now I can’t confirm anything. It’s ongoing :)”

Suffice it to say, it’s looking good for a console version of Allison Road, the lack of which would be surprising given the massive hype behind the venture.