Stone Cold Steve Austin is WWE 2K16’s Cover Wrestler

It’s only been two years since an old school wrestler graced the cover of a WWE video game. We just saw The Rock make a comeback to the games for WWE 2K14 and now we’re getting one of his greatest rivals for WWE 2K16 in Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While it is exciting to an extent, a lot has changed within the company since Stone Cold was an active wrestler. There are some new top dogs in the ring and why none of them were chosen is a mystery. Perhaps it’s to bring back fans of the Attitude Era and have Austin raise some hell once again. But it will take more than Stone Cold to stun us with this game since we’ve seen him as a playable character in the past two titles.

The Texas Rattlesnake was quoted as saying, “I’m looking forward to see who they dig out in WWE history and bring up.” That’s exactly what it seems they did with Stone Cold as evident by the¬†announcement video below. They’ve either revived his career or admit he’s been buried ever since retiring.

Fans are hoping with Stone Cold becoming the new cover model that he’ll get back into the ring once again because we’d all love to see him downing some beers on live television. Opening up cans of whoop ass is what he does best and it would be wise for the company to capitalize on that. WWE 2K16 will be available October 27 for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.