Super Impossible Road Heading to PlayStation 4

Great news for fans of the hit iOS title Impossible Road: a remastered, upgraded version of the Super Monkey Ball-esque game is hitting the PlayStation 4 in the form of Super Impossible Road.

Super Impossible Road takes place in a psychedelic future where racers lack the ability to brake or accelerate, as these simple mechanics are merely functions of the plebeian society we currently find ourselves in. Every track will be procedurally generated, so players are going to have to adapt to their surroundings on the fly (as opposed to simply looking at a map like most players do in modern racers). In order to beat fellow facers, players will have to seek out the copious shortcuts in the world and hop back onto the track within five seconds in order to make their moves count.

Super Impossible Road currently doesn’t have a release date or window, but we’ll be sure to update you if anything comes up.