Coffin Dodgers Busts Out of Early Access

There may be a whole host of racing games out there in the world, but how many let you jump into the socks of a senior citizen? That’s what Coffin Dodgers is all about with goofy races taking place among the Sunny Pines Retirement Community.

You can choose between seven different racers, customize your motor scooter, and even use melee weapons to get an edge over other racers ala Road Rash. There are 13 race tracks in Coffin Dodgers which can be played alone or with friends in local or online modes.

Coffin Dodgers had a very popular rating on Steam during Early Access so it seems likely the game is even better now that it’s finally out in completed form. You can pick up a copy at the discounted cost of $8.79 from now until July 15 on Steam.