Five Guest Fighters We Want in Godzilla: The Game

Godzilla is the biggest, baddest kaiju in the movie industry. He’s also had several video game appearances with his most recent work coming July 14. Godzilla: The Game is an upcoming PS4 exclusive that brings some of the most monstrous battles alive with all sorts of Godzilla characters duking it out. This list may contain characters who have made appearances directly alongside Godzilla but also has a few surprises. It’s made up of five fighters we would like to see appear from other Godzilla-related properties, other projects developed by Godzilla’s film company, Toho, as well as Godzilla’s creator himself plus more.

5. Godzuki/Minilla

This little guy hasn’t done much for the Godzilla series as a whole, but does sometimes convince its daddy/mommy to back down in order to keep citizens safe. Godzuki, or as he’s known in Japan, Minilla, has appeared in a variety of video games but not so much as a fighter. He’s small, child-sized and can’t really attack, but putting him in Godzilla: The Game could really beef him up. He does have atomic smoke rings that could stall or blind an opponent, and though small, could be scaled up in order to combat the other monsters to have some potential. It probably wouldn’t look that bad, unless you use the Hannah-Barbara cartoon version; even though the theme song is catchy, it just wouldn’t fly. Godzuki is first on our list because he’s from Godzilla movies, is related to the King of Monsters and would just be fun to see him in a serious role.

4. Gezora

Squids seem to be all the rage these days with Splatoon being a big hit. This guy, however, is an old school cuttlefish from outer space and could splat those wannabe Inklings. Hailing from a 1970 film by Toho, Space Amoeba, Gezora is a mutated cuttlefish who has made appearances in Godzilla games but hasn’t been much of a fighter. In Godzilla: The Game, Gezora would be better equipped with a series of tentacle attacks, ink jets, high agility and even take advantage of his surroundings by backing foes into a corner. Gezora may not be a popular choice but since this list is dedicated to other titles he ranks up there. He came long after the Godzilla series had been established, so Gezora tried making it all by himself. It would be a bold choice to use Gezora, he kind of started striking out on his own to combat the entire Godzilla franchise but was quickly squashed. Space Amoeba does have its historic moments being the last classic-style monster movie and the final by famed director Ishiro Honda. That’s not to say he isn’t a competent opponent because Gezora would make you ink your pants.

3. Kagemusha

You might be wondering about this entry. Kagemusha isn’t a monster or robot, but an actual human. He is a thief turned warlord in the movie of the same name, later becoming leader of the Takeda clan because of his resemblance to the former head of clan who is now deceased. Kagemusha has a rough road ahead of him in the film, constantly helping his clan and being banished. He will, however, become a hero and can do so again in Godzilla: The Game. Kagemusha dons traditional samurai armor, appearing fierce to rival clans. He wields a spear and flail with enough force to take down any threatening monster. There’s a scene in the movie where Kagemusha appears to be a giant so, seeing a gigantic samurai taking down beasts like Godzilla makes Kagemusha an epic inclusion. Just watching the trailer for it can give off chills. The film was directed by the famed Akira Kurosawa and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, the creator of Godzilla. Including Kagemusha is not only a tribute to a classic piece of Japanese cinematic history but an honorable mention to the man who gave us so much. Without Tanaka, there would be no Godzilla: The Game or this list!

2. King Kong

king kong
Yes, the battle of the box office beasts should continue with Godzilla vs. King Kong. In Godzilla: The Game, King Kong can make his triumphant return to the Godzilla universe by going one-on-one with a few kaiju. The two actually appeared in an epic clash against each other in their own 1962 movie. Though he’s made the leap to video games, it’s never been against Godzilla or any other monsters. There’s so much room for this cameo fighter to make the game worth buying just by its match-up alone. He’s gentle, yet ferocious and could smack around giant lizards if needed. While the arcade game Rampage takes some similar looking monsters to town in order to cause total mayhem, it’s not the same. If Peter Jackson can depict the gorilla fighting dinosaurs, it’s possible for him to make a comeback here. If there’s ever a way to get the franchise on top again, the should get this Kong back in the game. It’s a great way to bring back the classic monsters of cinema. We can just see the headline now: Kong: King of Skull Island vs. Godzilla: King of Monsters.

1. Colossal Titan

We know you’re skeptical about this choice based on the hit manga and anime, Attack on Titan, but it’ll make sense soon enough. In the meantime think about how cool it would to see the gigantic humanoid monster taking on Godzilla. It’s the most iconic Titan from the series with its exposed muscle face comes peeking over the walls. Colossal Titan has unique abilities such as regenerating wounds and lost limbs, enhanced strength similar to Godzilla’s destructive power, and although a bit slow, the Colossal Titan can create steam for a cloaked escape or even to burn opponents. Other Titans can turn certain parts of their bodies to crystal making it extremely hard to damage, an ability that can be given to the Colossal Titan just for Godzilla: The Game. Okay, so now that you’ve realized how awesome it would be to play and fight a Titan and not in the same way as the 3DS game, let us tell you how it could happen. It’s because Toho, the company who produces Godzilla movies, also created the Attack on Titan film coming soon. This simple connection opens up the possibility for a huge clash of titans.