LEGO Dimensions Trailer Shows Off The Doctor in Action

Just the other day we told you Peter Capaldi would be reprising his role as The Doctor in the upcoming LEGO Dimensions game. Now, you can see the good doctor in action helping Batman, WyldeStyle and Gandalf as they travel through space and time.

The 12th Doctor is one of the protagonists in the game and helps the team take on a number of Doctor Who enemies like Daleks and Cybermen, we can only hope there’s no Weeping Angels. There are even more goodies from his universe to appear including the TARDIS, K-9 and every other doctor from the show. Once the 12th Doctor dies, he changes back into the 1st Doctor and all the way back to number twelve.

The trailer also shows off The Doctor even teaming with Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Homer Simpson and his time traveling companion, Clara Oswald. The Doctor Who Fun Pack is shaping up to include a lot of fun easter eggs and great content to satisfy die-hard Whovians. You can pre-order the game now along with any packs you want to have ahead of its September 27 release.

Check out the trailer below: