New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trailers and Screenshots Star Rise and Yu

Another trailer has been released to promote the upcoming dance-a-thon of the Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Rise Kujikawa shows off her moves for fans. For her it’s not just about busting a move, however, it’s about connecting with one another. Dance is a form of art that invokes an emotional response from viewers, that’s how Rise sees it. Yu Narukami is the head investigator for the team. He’s passionate about helping others and won’t give up, doing whatever it takes to save everyone.

You can form a bond with Rise, Yu and other characters by just having fun as well as fighting the Shadows in the Midnight Stage. Pre-order Persona 4: Dancing All Night for some extra content and goodies then watch Rise and Yu show off what they’ve got in the trailers and screenshots below.