PS1 ‘Rollcage’ Inspired Racing Game ‘Grip’ Gets Stunning Debut Trailer

Rollcage was one of the most underrated games of the PS1 generation, combining an ahead of its time physics engine with a pulsing soundtrack from artists like Fatboy Slim. Sadly, while the game did receive a quickly sequel the following year, it never became a franchise and has been dormant for the past fifteen years. In comes “Grip,” which although doesn’t share direct relation with Rollcage, is clearly intended to be a current-gen version of the chaotic racing title.

The two team developer has just released the debut trailer for the title, showing off gameplay from the prototype. Although still in very early stages, the game already looks incredible and to be pushing the limits of what’s currently possible in a racing game.

The Kickstarter for Grip will be launched later this summer.

Check out the trailer below: