Ubisoft Announces The Siege Games

Ubisoft has revealed that a massive worldwide qualifying period for its upcoming Rainbow Six Siege tournament is set to begin shortly.

While it might seem odd that Ubisoft is attempting to create an eSports tournament for a game that the vast majority of people haven’t had enough time to adequately practice, The Siege Games are going to happen whether you like them or not. By using a combination of players from various events around the country and from the Open Beta that begins on September 24, Ubisoft is hoping to bring the best Rainbow Six Siege players in for a massive tournament this October.

The non-Beta events that make up The Siege Games’ qualifying rounds are as follows:

  • San Diego Comic-Con: July 8-12
  • RTX (Austin Convention Center): August 7-9
  • PAX Prime: August 28-31
  • The GameStop Expo (Las Vegas): September 2