Does Rocksteady Hint at Future IP Through Batman: Arkham Knight?

Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the largest in the Arkham series. The map covers the entirety of Gotham and features a ridiculous amount of super villains from the Batman comics along with references from other DC Universe characters that don’t appear in the game. Rocksteady has pulled out all the stops for the last Batman game in their trilogy, but have they imbedded hints of a possible new DCU game to come?

There are millions of references and hints toward other DCU characters throughout Batman Arkham Knight’s world along with well placed subtle mentions of other super powered characters such as Flash, Green Arrow and Superman. There are other characters mentioned throughout the game and referenced, but these are the main three that have been brought up the most. These could simply just be nifty world builders to help bring the player into this carefully crafted playground or it could be what most players have come to theorize as hints towards Rocksteady’s next game.

If Rocksteady were to publish a new DCU game, now would be the time to do it. Flash, Arrow and Superman are mentioned or at least referred to the most throughout Arkham Knight. They are also the most popular in pop-culture at this time as both Arrow and The Flash have popular TV Shows currently airing on the CW while Superman is about to get a major motion picture release in Batman v Superman. If a game that features one of these three characters were to be announced by Rocksteady, they would all be welcomed with open arms of gamers and fans of these characters.

Green Arrow is mentioned mostly through his company Queen Industries; in the beginning of the game in the dinner section there is a newspaper with the familiar cooperation name and logo. If you watch CW’s TV series Arrow or The Flash you will be aware of the character Black Canary, although she doesn’t appear in the game there is a nightclub that is named after her. Catwomen can also be heard stating that she has stolen from Queen Industry’s cooperation, which is owned by billionaire Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow. Flash isn’t mentioned a lot or really referenced to as much as the others but throughout the game Metahumans politics are spoken about along with the fact that Poison Ivy is a Metahuman herself. There is a build board that say’s “Run to Keystone City.” Which is where Flash is from in the comic books. A thug can also be overheard mentioning Keystone City and the Flash and as he says “at least you can see Batman coming.”

The DC hero that is mentioned the most throughout the entire game, and even directly spoken about at one point if you die, is Superman. His name can be heard being brought up and mentioned all over the city, from start to end. You can hear thugs chitchat amongst one another on the city streets as they talk about a particular “caped freak” that can come flying in at any moment. Those who listen to Bruce Wayne’s old school answering machine in Wayne Tower will find that there have been several messages left by Lex Luthor, who is the enemy of Superman. Then there are LexCorp Billboards littered across Gotham; LexCorp is the company owned by Lex Luthor and his power and influence is steadily developing over to other cities besides his own.

The idea of swinging around the city in Green Arrow Fashion as you stealthy take out enemies with different types of trick arrow’s all while receiving aid from Felicity Smoak, Roy Harper and John Diggle sounds like an miraculous idea. Arrow has many iconic villains just like Batman and will be able to traverse around a city better and have similar fighting mechanics as Batman does than the flash possibly could. Although a Flash game could be done, Arrow seems more adaptable to the Batman Arkham series mechanics and would probably be a better game than Superman, as every Superman game seems to be not so… super. Although if anyone had the slightest chance of making a noble Superman game that was remotely decent, all faith would have to be put into Rocksteady’s most capable hands.

This is the dawn of the superhero age in pop-culture. They are everywhere we turn and there is no escaping them. From TV Shows to movies to video games alike, there is a steady pipeline that is pumping in an almost unhealthy dose of our favorite comic book heroes and villains. Rocksteady would be mad if they turned down the opportunity to publish another DCU game. Whether it be a Justice league game or a singular hero, it would be well received and most importantly done right.