New Localization Company ‘Culture Select’ Looks to Kickstart First Project

If you follow visual novels and Kickstarter, then you are likely aware that Sekai Project is a visual novel localization company with serious skills. They have managed to fund multiple games through crowdfunding with little issue, and show no signs of slowing down. But they’re not the only localization team seeking to use Kickstarter for fan funding now that Culture Select has launched their inaugural campaign.

They’re seeking to fund the first in a series of Type-Moon-styled visual novels starting with Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month-. So far they’re about 10% of the way to the $4,800 goal. But really, what’s most exciting about this to many in the community is the entry of a new publisher. Here’s some of what they shared with us about their vision for the company, and for gamers in general.


Culture Select will be “focusing on Japanese media first” which means doujin (indie) titles are the most likely to get picked up. They even mention going to fan conventions such as Comiket and Comitia to get on the ground floor with these creators. Of course, the gaming community at large will also play into where they may seek out new localization opportunities.

One of the most unique aspects of Culture Select right out of the gate is their focus on getting games translated into English as well as Spanish. After all, if they can reach their first stretch goal then Wish will get a Spanish-language release. Why put some attention on that audience? It’s all a part of the company philosophy which is “to bring releases worldwide and let markets participate as much as they can.”

Culture Select doesn’t plan to stop there either: “…we’ve already begun work on infrastructure for the French market, and are still looking around the world to other major markets.” The same holds true with plans for platform distribution. The company’s CEO has experience working with console, PC, and mobile but Culture Select isn’t necessarily ready to jump into all those avenues just yet.

Some may want to paint Culture Select as a new opponent for existing localization companies. That is not the case! Instead, they hope to actually work alongside other companies if they desire to bring their games to other markets which Culture Select may serve. Here’s the official word: “We hope to work Active Gaming Media (and it’s popular brand, Playism), MangaGamer, Sekai Project, Crunchyroll, NIS, Aksys, and any other localization company that wants to diversify its releases to foreign markets.”

If you are a gamer who desires to see more doujin titles localized then consider supporting Culture Select’s Kickstarter. It still has nearly a month to go, and there’s still a handful of $5 early bird reward tiers to get the entire Wish scenario.