New Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Video Provides a Lengthy Look at Decorating Options

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designers isn’t quite a full-fledged Animal Crossing game, but its unique focus on interior design looks to maintain much of the charm and addictive qualities that have made the series a smash hit worldwide. A new video released today provides a deeper explanation of the format and systems at work in Happy Home Designer, and it all looks immensely promising.

Happy Home Designers¬†tasks players with designing bespoke homes for each of the town’s quirky citizens, but it doesn’t stop there. The video shows off a hospital, a school, and a variety of restaurants being designed as well, so anyone thinking Nintendo is preparing to release a shallow spinoff should be relieved (read: ashamed). Happy Home Designer looks much more robust than it originally appeared, and we’re super excited for its September 25 release in North America. Japanese 3DS owners, on the other hand, can grab it on July 30. Dang.