Unrelentingly Cheerful Slime Rancher Revealed in First Trailer

Slime Rancher has been kicking around in screenshots and animated .gifs for a while now but, with the trailer reveal, finally has something a bit more meaty to show off.  Or slimy.  Or whatever it is that holds the bouncy, wobbly, and above all cheerfully adorable slimes together.  The slimes may be normal, radioactive, fiery, or even explodey, but above all they’re cute beyond all reason and ready to be wrangled in a first-person action ranching adventure.

In Slime Rancher (official site) you play as Beatrix LeBeau, homesteader on a world 1,000 light years from Earth.  At about 1% of the width of the Milky Way galaxy that basically puts her a short walk across town in a cosmic scale, but it’s still far enough away for things to start getting weird.  The planet of the Far, Far Range is swarming with slimes, which is both a problem and a solution all in one gelatinous package.  Beatrix becomes a slime rancher and, armed with her trusty vacuum gun and jetpack, gets to work carving out a life and, maybe, a fortune to go with it.

This is done by vacuuming up anything you can see and shooting it out where it needs to go.  Suck up fruit from the trees and feed the vegetarian slimes, or a few chickens for the carnivorous ones.  Suck up wild slimes and shoot them into the holding pens back at the home ranch, but be careful to learn what they need to produce whatever it is that makes slimes valuable.  Run around the wild, customize the ranch, grow crops or scavenge from the land, and above all try to keep the slimes from getting completely out of hand.  Slime Rancher promises a huge number of options, to the point that my internal skeptic is wondering if maybe it’s not a bit much, but the trailer is so upbeat and adorable that I really hope it can do everything it’s trying to.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this one with more details as they become available.