First Warcraft Movie Posters Revealed

This year’s San Diego Comic Con has yielded a couple tasty posters of the upcoming Warcraft feature-length film. It will serve as an origin to the greater, ongoing conflicts between the Alliance and the Orcish Horde. At the forefront, we will have Sir Anduin Lothar of the human Alliance, played by Travis Fimmel (Vikings TV series) and Durotan of the orc Horde, played by Tobey Kebbell (RocknRolla, and the Fantastic Four reboot). The film will feature both sides of the conflict and give both new and old fans a beautiful look at the great world of Warcraft.

With acclaimed science fiction director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) at the helm, this movie seems on the right track. Study the two first posters below. The Warcraft film is currently slated for release June 10 next year.