Meet Rainbow Six’s GIGN Unit

Rainbow Six Siege focuses around hostage situations and highlighting countries and their respective counter-terrorism units. Today, Ubisoft introduces the French’s GIGN unit.

The following four members make up GIGN:

  • Twitch- Uses a “shock drone” to distract enemies or disable devices.
  • Montagne- Uses an expendable shield to provide cover from fire and close combat.
  • Doc- Uses a Stim Pistol to heal allies from close range without being next to them.
  • Rook- Provides the team with bulletproof vests to stop incoming fire from dealing fatal damage.

Rainbow Six Siege is Ubisoft Montreal’s reboot of their Rainbow Six franchise. The series is touting extremely advanced AI that will constantly change from experience to experience keeping the game fresh and keeping players on their toes using new strategies. Until the game’s release Ubisoft will be highlighting a countries counter-terrorism unit that will be available in the game. So far they’ve done the British Unit, FBI Swat Unit, and the GIGN.

Rainbow Six Siege is scheduled to release October 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.