No Time to Explain Receives New Details & Multiplayer Trailer

After being completely rebuilt in Unity (presumably to allow for easier porting onto consoles), TinyBuild’s No Time to Explain is set to launch on Xbox One on July 17. A new trailer details what players can expect from the chaotic multiplayer mode that’s being included in both the Xbox One version and the updated PC edition, which is titled No Time to Explain Remastered:

The original No Time to Explain was met with mixed reviews, as it’s currently boasting a 54 metascore, but the updated version looks to improve upon everything that the original struggled at. New characters will be included, and all of the collectable hats that players enjoyed getting the first time around will absolutely be back. The local multiplayer mode allows for up to four players to jetpack and time-travel their way through the world at the same time, leading to some obviously chaotic situations. TinyBuild is also adamant about showing the world that the boss battles, which were heavily criticized in the original, have been redone and improved in the Xbox One and Remastered editions. Oh, and to top it all off, there’s going to be a dance button (because of course).

What’s more, those who purchased the original version of No Time to Explain on Steam will receive a copy of No Time to Explain Remastered in their Steam Library free of charge. This is also the first ID@Xbox game to receive a playable 30 minute demo, which players can hop into as of right now.