Sony Thinks you Should Transfer to a 1TB PlayStation 4 if You’re out of Space

500 GB just isn’t what it used to be, and if you feel the same Sony thinks you should upgrade to their new PlayStation 4 model.

In a recent European ad Sony shares that it’s easy to back up your current PS4 data and transfer it over to the bigger and better model. Seeing as how PS4’s don’t support external drives this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You could trade in your current PS4 and use that to buy it, or you could just buy a new 2.5″ HDD and put it in there.

The 1TB PS4 is currently available for pre-order in Europe and costs 329.97 pounds or $512.03. While there may not be a North American version and speculation on a price point seems pointless you can buy a 1TB HDD for around $50-$60 and legally put it in your console without voiding your warranty. If you don’t mind spending $500 on a new console you could spend about that much on an SSD and cut down on load times.

It’ll be interesting to see how sales of the new models come out and learn how many current owners jumped ship. As of right now Sony has no plans on releasing the 1TB model in the States, but the console will be released in Europe on July 15.