Image from Pokémon Movie Shows Off Possible New Species?

Pokémon take on many forms. A cluster of eggs, a prehistoric flying rock and even a walking pile of garbage are all the basis of a Pokémon species. The upcoming movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, has a bit of a teaser at the end and we’re not quite sure what it looks like, yet.

Pokémaniacs around the world are putting their sleuthing skills to the test trying to determine what the gigantic, intimidating monster could be. Many believe it’s a new form of currently existing Pokémon, like Hoopa’s Unbound Form. One of the top guesses calls it a new form for Zygarde, a Pokémon from XY which is considered legendary yet hasn’t shown its true potential to fit that title. It makes sense since all Pokémon games receive a spin-off after the initial two are released. Pokémon Z could be in the works with Zygarde’s story taking center stage.

Another so-called legendary, however, is one we haven’t officially seen yet. Volcanion’s name and images were discovered as soon as the sixth generation games came out. It showed up alongside Hoopa which makes it highly possible Volcanion could take a new form as well.

Other than a form of an already existing form, it could be an entirely brand new Pokémon. Rumors have been floating around for months over how many generations of Pokémon there will be. Most say the count will end with Gen. VII and if that’s true, this mysterious image could be the first sign of confirmation.

Take a look at the CoroCoro Magazine image below and let the wild speculations begin. The movie releases this month in Japan and sometime later this year for North America.