UNION Spaceship Command is the Star Trek Game You Always Wanted

UNION Spaceship Command just hit Steam Greenlight with a pre-alpha trailer you can view below; if you’re in the market for a game where you and four of your friends can operate one spaceship and pretend like it’s the USS Enterprise, then you should probably give it a watch.

Let me just preempt some anger from Trek fans though: no, I do not mean to imply that Star Trek is all space battle and pew-pew lasers. Yes, I recognize that Star Trek was the “thinking man’s space drama” and more conflicts were solved with reasoning and logic than guns or fists, Spock. But c’mon. Watch that trailer and tell me that doesn’t make you want to roleplay as the Enterprise crew with your friends. Let’s at least agree it’s like Abrams’ reboot then.

The game has a ways to go in development, as this post by developer Wired Games explains, but it sounds like there’s good progress being made, and it’s a solid concept. It allows you and four friends to man a single ship, each taking on unique roles: Helm, Tactical, Science/Comms, Engineering, and Captain. As it’s a Greenlight project, it’ll need Steam users to push it through before it gets approval.

UNION Spaceship Command will hit PC, Mac and Linux in Q2 2016.