Prototype Games Have Been Remastered, Releasing Tomorrow

This is a bit of a shock. While it hasn’t been officially announced, it would seem Prototype and Prototype 2 are being remastered for Xbox One (and most likely PlayStation 4). On the Xbox Store, you can find both games available under the Xbox One brand, with a bundle called Prototype: Biohazard available at $49.99. Even stranger, it would seem these two games are being targeted for a release tomorrow.

This is a stealth release if I’ve ever seen one, almost to the point of Activision throwing this remaster under the bus. This isn’t the first time Activision has done something like this as, while not exactly the same situation, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game was originally cancelled on Xbox One but then mysterious showed up on the Xbox Store for download.

The first Prototype game, created by Radical Entertainment, was released in 2009 and sparked a lot of comparisons to Infamous. The second game came three years later and featured the protagonist of the first game as the antagonist. It was an interesting series to say the least, even though it never really found its footing.