Carl Weathers Gets a Stew Going in Mortal Kombat X Predator / Prey Pack Trailer

Carl Weathers, pictured here as famous astronaut Apollo Creed, is about to get a lot more famous. NetherRealm Studios has just released the trailer for the Mortal Kombat X Predator / Prey Pack. The pack does its best to compliment the addition of famous alien Predator, seen here shooting off Carl Weather’s arm, with the inclusion of Carl Weathers as Jax, Commando Johnny Cage who just so happens to look a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Infrared Scorpion.


The Predator / Prey Pack has been available in the Kombat Pack since July 7 and is today sold separately.

Read our review here and check out the trailer below:

Oh wait, no, this is the trailer: