Episodic Adventure ‘Blues and Bullets’ Hits Steam Next Week

Blues and Bullets is a game with quite the long history. It first started as a student project back in 2009, and the team continued to pursue the project throughout the years. Now, the current rendition of Blues and Bullets is almost upon us.

The game takes on a noir aesthetic, with stylish black, white and red visuals (there’s a joke in there somewhere). It also takes many cues from the adventure game genre, but with a more investigative slant. A current PC exclusive, Blues and Bullets is planned for Xbox One as well, though that release isn’t until September.

You’ll be able to pick up the first episode of Blues and Bullets on Steam for $4.99 when it launches on July 23. Or, you’ll be able to buy the season pass to get immediate access to each of the five chapters once they are available. That costs $19.99 in comparison.