Humble Game Making Bundle Adds Content

Last week, the Humble Game Making Bundle came out and offered up a tremendous value for $12. That relatively paltry sum got you a lot of content, as well as anything in the ‘Beat the Average’ tier. Today, the BTA tier was expanded to include Pro Motion 6.5 and its Modern DLC Pack, Whisper of a Rose, PlayCanvas, TANX, and a 3D Asset Pack and a coupon for 50% off Adventurezator in the Humble Store.

However, with the average being about $11, there’s no real reason to get that instead of the $12 max tier. Spending $1 more gets you App Game Kit 2, Spriter Pro, Sprite Lamp, Goats on a Bridge and the Fantasy DLC pack, along with everything else in the bundle. If you’ve ever wanted to get into game development, this is a fine way to start.