Every Game Announced at E3 2015


Gnog is a weird puzzle adventure game coming to the PS4 and to PC. It’s art style focusses on simple lines and shapes, and tells the story of a main character traversing his or her way through what looks like a bunch of monster heads. Yes, inside the head of a box-art monster. We’ll find out more about this game soon, as it has a 2015 release date.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Picture this. Some hundreds of years into the future, humans have made huge technological advances. Then, some sort of apocalypse happens. Most of humanity is wiped out, and those who are left are on their own. But over time, groups turn into clans and clans turn into tribes. Hundreds of years go by and civilization has hit rock bottom, and started to bring itself back up. Humans have reverted back to the stone age, but this time with a bit of help. They use pieces from the old world to give their knives, bow and arrows, and other equipment various upgrades. Animal/dinosaur-like robots roam the Earth, and to syphon the resources contained within them, the humans must take them down. The robots act like the animals they are modeled after, though, and will fight back. So in other words, Horizon is an open world RPG where the main character, the female huntress Aloy, not only hunts robots, but is somehow involved in a story that, for now, is largely unknown. From the trailer it seems like some of the other human tribes will be allies, and some will be enemies, so maybe that will be the main thread. Other than that, they showed a vertical slice of gameplay where Aloy tracks and takes down a large robotic dinosaur, and man, was it amazing. Guerrilla is known only for it’s Killzone games, so this will be a refreshing for both the players and the developer. Guerrilla just released Killzone: Shadowfall with the launch of the PS4, which means they have only just started to ramp up production of Horizon about a year and a half ago, although development started in 2011. So it is unlikely that we will see this game come out until 2017 or 18.



One of the more confusing trailers, Ion is a new MMO from the creator of DayZ, the popular zombie apocalypse MMO for PC. All that is known about Ion is that it is about a man traversing through space, and somehow the player plays some role in helping him get there. It looks like it will take place on a multitude of space stations riddled throughout the galaxy, but other than that, little more is known. There is no release date for Ion yet, but it will come first to Xbox One and PC.

just dance

Just Dance 2016

Just Dance 2016 promises to be just like every other Just Dance game! But really it will come with 40+ new tracks, and of course updated graphics. Just Dance 2016 will release on October 20, 2015, contrary to the title.


Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Key

Before they showed the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer (which was awesome), Square Enix tortured fans with the announcement of a mobile game subtitled Unchained X, which is apparently pronounced “key.” The game is a 2D  RPG in the vain of the older Final Fantasy games. It’s art style is cute, and it’s story will somehow lead into Kingdom Hearts 3. They do not yet have a release date for Unchained Key, but it will eventually come to iOS and Android.


Lara Croft: Go

Another mobile game, Lara Croft: Go is similar to Hitman: Go in that it is a simplified version of the larger console game, and that it is puzzle focussed. The turn-based model of Hitman Go is still there, but the art direction is very different. Instead of looking like a board game, Lara Croft go looks more like a if you were to zoom in on a very colorful map. The puzzles are more point A to point B based, rather than Hitman’s objective based puzzles. Lara Croft: Go comes to iOS and Android later in 2015.


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

When the worlds of Mario and Paper Mario collide, Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario, and Paper Luigi must work together to destroy the evil Bowser and Paper Bowser. The concept seems pretty interesting, having to traverse through the levels figuring out when to use regular characters and when to use their paper counterparts. This is a 3DS game, and will be playable on both the original 3DS and the New 3DS and it will come out sometime in 2016.


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Mario Tennis has always been one of the more popular of the Mario sports games, and Ultra Smash doesn’t seem to deviate too much from the previous Mario Tennis. Characters can grow large using mushrooms, and they can build up their special ability for what will assumedly be called an ultra smash. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash comes out sometime later this year.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

The long awaited 4th game in the Mass Effect series has finally been recognized as a real thing. It has been rumored for a long time, but this E3, players got a first look at a trailer for the upcoming 3rd person shooter. The name tells us that the player will be traveling to the Andromeda star system, where it seems there is a planet that is habitable. Other than that, nothing else about the story is known. Mass Effect: Andromeda comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016.


Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Federation Force is a game based in the Metroid Prime universe, but not really a true Metroid game. It is a first person shooter with co-op missions that can be taken on with help from random players online, or from a group of local friends. Nintendo and Next-Level Games will be releasing the 3DS game some time in 2016.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst 02

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The second game in the series, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a prequel that tells the origin story of the main character, Faith. From developer DICE, known for Battlefield, and more recently the new Battlefront, they will be taking on the beloved franchise and are tasked with recapturing the feel that the original game had. Mirror’s Edge is a first person game that you can’t call a shooter, because there aren’t any guns. At least none that Faith can use. Faith fights with her fists, and traverses the playing field using parkour. The stealthy action game is slated for an early 2016 release.


Need For Speed

The next game in the franchise, Need For Speed is kind of a reboot, even there is no real story to the games. It looks as if the game will integrate a live action story of some sort into the game itself. Your crew mates will all be real life actors that play out a story, but then it will seamlessly transition into animation when you are driving around and detailing your car. It’s difficult to explain, but it looked really interesting in the demo. The game itself looks really good too, with amazing graphics both in the environment and the car, and the new drift-cam is an interesting concept. As you drift, the camera seems to lean and zoom in on your car, and it looks awesome. It may make things harder to control, but it looks extra cinematic. Need For Speed comes out later this year.


NieR (New Project)

This is the second game in the series originally created by Yoko Taro in 2010. People loved the Japanese action adventure game, but the studio that made it was disbanded shortly after. Yoko Taro is back to make the second NieR game, and it is being developed by Platinum Games, known for making the Bayonetta series.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

The sequel to the record breaking, E rated third person shooter, Garden Warfare 2 aims to add a ton of new features, characters, and abilities that will make shooting zombies with a cactus even more fun. The overarching story is set in a world where the zombies have taken over, and now the plants are on the offensive for the first time. Other than that, the game looks to be about the same, with no real graphical upgrades or anything too crazy. GW2 comes out early next year.


Rare Replay

Remember Banjo-Kazooie? Or Battletoads? If you do, and want to play them again for obvious nostalgic purposes, this is definitely going to be something for you to pick up. Rare Replay is a collection of a bunch of old Rare games that have been some of the most memorable and fun games to come out of that generation. Rare Replay comes exclusively to Xbox One on August 4th, 2015.



Keiji Inafune is the creator of Mega Man, so this guy knows what he is doing when it comes to games, stories, and robots. ReCore is a game about a girl named Jewel and her friendly little dog-robot, as they try to survive what looks like a somewhat post-apocalyptic desert. The robot’s “soul” is contained within a large blue orb contained somewhere within the robot’s body. The robots come in different shapes and sizes, and some are your friends, and some are your enemies. Luckily, the orbs either glow blue or red depending on whether or not they mean harm. ReCore is definitely and interesting game to look out for, but only if you have an Xbox One, as it is an exclusive. ReCore ships sometime next year in 2016.


Sea Of Thieves

When Rare wasn’t working on remastering all of their old games for Replay, they were working on a quirky, cartoony pirate game for Xbox One. It’s a first person exploratory MMO where you team up with other players online and sail a pirate ship on which you all have separate jobs that keep the ship going. You can explore islands, find treasure, and of course fight skeletons. If a teammate is being mean or not pulling their weight, you can agree to have them walk the plank. Oh! And there are ship battles! Random ship battles between your crew and another. Sea Of Thieves will come exclusively to Xbox One.


Shenmue 3

The newest installment in the open-world RPG series, Shenmue 3 looked like it would never happen. With some backing from Sony and a Kickstarter project, though, the game is now sure to come out. The creator of the game, Yu Suzuki, got on stage at Playstation’s E3 press event, and announced that he needed the help of fans to get the game made. It will be developed by Y’s Net, and published by SEGA. They have yet to announce a release date, but the game has already reached it’s goal on Kickstarter.


Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

Two of the greatest RPG franchises ever will cross over in a huge new game from Nintendo. The developers at Atlus and Intelligent Systems did not say much else, other than that it would be coming out sometime in 2016.

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