Every Game Announced at E3 2015

Skylanders: Superchargers

The next expansion to the original Skylanders game, Superchargers will bring in vehicles for the first time. Racing and battling will both be a large part of the expansion, and so will, of course, the physical action figures. The Superchargers expansion will be available September 20th, 2015.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

With a clever name like that, the second South Park game has probably already won some people over. The Fractured But Whole is an RPG that this time focusses on super heroes and villains, rather than the first game’s fantasy elements. The first game took an exorbitant amount of time to be made and ready to go, but the sequel to The Stick Of Truth will be developed by Ubisoft San Fransisco, rather than Obsidian Games, so maybe that will make a difference. They have yet to set a release date, but again, hopefully it won’t take as long as the first game.


Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights Of The Fallen Empire

The Old Republic is an MMO where you can be a smuggler, a jedi, a sith lord, trooper, bounty hunter,  or an operative, and you fight on either side of a war that raged thousands of years before Episode 1 of the movies. This new expansion will tell the story of two twin brothers who are raised jedi, and for some reason, the twin dressed in black (go figure) turns against his brother and his father, and the twins end up fighting. Nothing has been said about what the player’s role will be, but the crowds reaction seems to tell that people who play swtor are excited for the new content. Knights Of The Fallen Empire will be available sometime in October of 2015.


Super Mario Maker

Of all of the games at Nintendo’s E3 this year, Super Mario Maker seems to be the one that pretty much everyone is excited for. With the Wii U game pad, makers can drag and drop different elements from Mario games, and create levels that have never existed before, and that have never been able to exist before. You can switch between different generational styles of Mario, which makes the game even more dynamic. Once you’ve created your perfect level, you can share it with everyone else who has the game, and depending on how many people can get through your level, Nintendo will rate how hard your level is for you. Super Mario Maker comes to Wii U on September 11 this year.


Star Fox Zero

The next game in the Star Fox series is much like the others, with 3rd person vehicle combat, but this time with a twist. Literally, the ship that Fox rides in twists itself into different vehicles. The ship can transform in to a walker that looks like Road Runner, or it can transform into Fox’s tank. The weird gimmick to this game is that the game pad has a first person view from the ship, and that is one way in which the player can aim. It seems very complicated, but who knows, maybe it will be a hit. Star Fox 0 comes to Wii U this Holiday season.


The Elder Scrolls: Legends

In the wake of the Hearthstone revolution, Bethesda thought they would try to get in on the mobile free-to-play card game trend. The player will duel other players online using cards based on characters from all of the various Elder Scrolls games, and it seems that, in Hearthstone fashion, there will be a class based system where the player will pick who they want to fight as and create decks based on their class. Little else is known about the game, but it is slated for release later this year, so don’t expect to wait too long for more information.

last guardian

The Last Guardian (again)

There were rumors that The Last Guardian would show up at this E3, but there are always rumors that the boy and his bird-dog will take the stage again in victory. This year, it happened. Sony opened up their show with a gameplay demo of The Last Guardian, and pretty much every Playstation fan lost their minds. In The Last Guardian, you will play as a boy, and your good old friend the bird-dog will help you along your journey of solving puzzles and traversing the deadly terrain. Sadly, they still did not give a release date for the game, but maybe this time it won’t have such a rough time making it’s way to shelves.


The Legend Of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

Triforce Heroes is a new 3DS Zelda game to tide you over until next year when they finally talk about Zelda for Wii U. Essentially Triforce Heroes is Four Swords, but with three Links rather than four. You play as one of the Links, and you connect online to find two others, and you explore different caves that have puzzles only three people together can solve. Fighting bosses and crossing large gaps require teamwork, and sometimes even stacking on top of each other to create a Link totem pole. Triforce Heroes comes to 3DS later this year.


The Walking Dead: Michonne

Telltale must be incredibly busy, or maybe they have just staffed up and are pumping out games as fast as they can. Here are all the games they are currently working on, just for reference. The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales From The Borderlands, Game Of Thrones, and something for Marvel that will tie into their Cinematic Universe. So since they don’t have a lot going on (sarcasm) they decided to work with Skybound once more to bring us The Walking Dead: Michonne. The game will actually be based in the comic universe, rather than the TV universe, and will follow Michonne during the time she left the group. The comics are way ahead of the show, so none of this has even happened in the show yet, so if you just watch and don’t read, this one may not be for you. Once the show catches up and Michonne takes off, maybe then Telltale’s game may make sense, but for now, it’s for the comic readers. The three episode Michonne miniseries does not yet have a release date.


Ghost Recon: Wildlands

From the guys and gals at Ubisoft Paris, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is back in a more cooperative fashion. Wildlands is about a group of Ghosts that are tasked with taking down drug lords and the like around the world. You’ll team up with a group of friends, or randoms, and decide whether to take out your target guns blazing, sniper/car chase mode, or wait until dark for super sneaky mode. The open-world shooter comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC although it does not have a release date as of now.



A game coming surprisingly from publisher EA, Unravel is a side scrolling puzzle game from Swedish developer Coldwood Interactive. The main character is Yarny, a little humanoid creature made from one strand of yarn. As the game progresses, Yarny unravels, and the strand he leaves behind trails off the left side of the screen. The creator of the game said that Unravel represents life, love, and the strands that connect all of us. The story tells of one specific family that has grown apart, and how they are all still connected and come together when it is most important. If it works out, Unravel may be one of the most beautiful, profound games in a long time. Unravel will be a PC exclusive.


World Of Final Fantasy

In a very different version of the Final Fantasy universe, World Of Final Fantasy follows two siblings who use their monster friends to fight other monsters in a new turn-based RPG. The siblings and monsters can both transform into either smaller or larger versions of themselves, but the children can only be the converse size of their monster. This affects gameplay in some way, but the way in which it does has not been revealed. Square-Enix will release World Of Final Fantasy to PS4 and PS Vita sometime next year.

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