Devil’s Third will be 30 FPS, Have No Split-Screen Functionality

Tomonobu Itagaki, the director of the upcoming Wii U exclusive title Devil’s Third, has released some more information about the game. The information comes in form of specifications and features the game will and will not support.

First off, Devil’s Third will at 30fps. Itagaki promises that the “massive” shooter will be highly enjoyable at 30fps. In addition, Devil’s Third will not have any split-screen support, online or offline. The game needs all the power of the Wii U, according to Itagaki, for the single player, which left split-screen support on the cutting room floor.

Voice chat, a feature that online Nintendo games severely lack, was also left on the cutting room floor. This was intentional to drive the amount of players in a match as high as possible. Currently, up to sixteen players may participate in a multiplayer match.

Finally, Itagaki shared what he thinks is the best way to play Devil’s Third. He recommends playing with either a Wii U Pro Controller or a USB keyboard. Itagaki also recommends using a wired connection when playing online. The Wii U does not have an internal ethernet port, but does support USB ethernet adapters.

Devil’s Third is out this August in Japan and Europe exclusively on Wii U. There is currently no release date for North America.