Until Dawn Will Redefine the Interactive Genre

B movie Horror flicks tend to suck, but take that forgettable horror idea and transfer it over to a video game and suddenly it gets interesting. Until Dawn is physical proof that interactive horror games don’t have to be painful to play as their cinematic counterparts are to watch.

Until Dawn, which will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, will be one of the sleeper hits of the console’s 2015 lineup. The game is scheduled to arrive during the summer in true B movie style on August 25 and will play similar to games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. The player will press a button to make a choice at an integral part of the story and depending on their choice they will either head down the “right” path or the bloody and deadly one.

Supermassive Games is an English-based game development studio that is changing the way we play interactive games. One of the best new features they’re implementing is the option to choose your own fears. From what we have seen from Until Dawn, the player is going to be able to choose between a few different options for their selected fears. The player is asked a series of questions on what they find more freighting between a few chocies and after indicating to the game what you fear the most it then preys upon those fears during the gameplay to make the player want to pee their pants.

Like many interactive games, Until Dawn is designed to be replayed through multiple times in order to see all outcomes and possible events. Unlike these games, however, Until Dawn sets up their replay ability the right way that will make players actually want to replay the game after reaching its end. The way Supermassive chooses to go about achieving this is keeping their game to one save file, once a choice is made that choice is cemented into your story it can not be overturned there is no ability to go back to a previous save. The player will have to play through the remainder of the game with the choices that they have made, and a dubbed Butterfly Effect system pops up to show when a choice has been made that will impact the outcome of the rest of the game.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 8.39.09 PM

There are other implementations that have been included and Supermassive has gone on record to say that players who wish to understand the full story will want to play through the game at least nine times. Aside from that, the most notable and welcomed implementation in the game is the ability to choose own personal fears and the no going back Butterfly Effect save system. Players will finally be able to feel the full weight of their choices as saves can’t be reloaded after making a regrettable choice. The choose your own fear system if done honorably can have the opportunity to be a game changer making a B Teen Horror Movie from a laughable game night to an edge of your seat playing with the lights on experience.

If anything, Until Dawn has the opportunity to cement Supermassive as an exciting developer that we would want to see more from in the future. Whether it’s scary fun or a campy horror fest with extra cheese, Until Dawn’s new features will change the way interactive games are made in the future for the better as it takes those extra few steps in detail and gameplay to delve the player into its B movie world.