Street Fighter V DLC Will Be Unlockable for Free

Street Fighter V will be supported with small frequent updates that will be unlockable for free using currency earned in-game, Capcom announced during a Street Fighter V panel at EVO today.

Street Fighter V will have two different in-game currencies, Fight Money and Zenny.  Fight Money is earned in-game and can be used to unlock any piece of gameplay DLC.  Zenny is a premium currency purchased with real-world dollars that will allow players who don’t mind burning a few bucks to save some grind time.  Capcom hasn’t said anything regarding how Zenny is acquired or how much it will cost.

In addition, instead of repackaging and rereleasing the game similar to how Capcom has done in the past with titles like Ultra Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, the company will be issuing balance and system patches for free.

“Essentially, what we did over time with Street Fighter IV is make our player pool smaller and smaller by eliminating people who didn’t purchase the upgrades,” Matt Dahlgren said at the conference. “That old method forced players to purchase all of the new content, even if only a few characters were really appealing to them.”

“Looking forward, our new strategy is more consumer friendly. This also creates additional long term engagement with the game, because the more you play it, the more you’re rewarded. We’re always adding to the player base this time around. We’re never shrinking it by requiring a paid update. Players can leave at any time and come back at any time, and play on the latest balance adjustments with the largest player base.”

Street Fighter V will be coming to PS4 and PC in Spring 2016.