Test Animation for the Original Crash Bandicoot Unearthed

Way back in the dawn of the PlayStation, when Naughty Dog was known more for Rings of Power on Genesis than being Sony’s 900 pound gorilla, there was a test animation made for the Crash Bandicoot game.  Not a 3D animation test to get a sense of character movement and dimensions, but an actual 2D hand-drawn mini-cartoon produced by Universal.  Sony’s push to 3D meant the animation approach got abandoned and the 90 second cartoon was dropped from the game, but thankfully it was just stored away and not lost.  It sat in the archives of David Siller, the game’s producer, until he gave the go-ahead for Crash Bandicoot fan Matt Wallace to upload it.  The video below is actually David Siller’s version, because if you click to watch on Youtube he’s got a bit more about what the video is and where it came from, but no matter whose version you watch it’s a wonderfully 90s bit of (endearingly terrible) animation.