Devil’s Third Heading Stateside Q4 2015, F2P PC Version Announced

Tomonobu Itagaki, best known for his work on Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, has been working on a brand new property for quite some time now, but the big question is, when can we finally get our hands on it? The Wii U title, published by Nintendo, received a release date of August 4 in Japan and August 28 in Europe not too long ago, but those left in North America and the rest of the world have been waiting idly by to know whether or not it would even hit their territory.

Well, Nintendo and Valhalla Game Studios have confirmed today that Devil’s Third will be coming out in North America sometime this year, with a scheduled Q4 release. In addition, Nintendo has allowed Valhalla to publish the game on at least one other platform as they also announced today that a free-to-play PC version, called Devil’s Third Online, will be available starting in September.