Pokkén Tournament Testing Coming to Dave & Buster’s Locations

Get ready to battle next to that wonderful hamburger you ordered.

The Senior Vice President of Entertainment & Game Strategy for Dave & Buster’s, Kevin Bachus, recently announced the Pokémon fighting game would be making its way to some of the company’s locations. During a Q&A on Reddit, the co-creator of the original Xbox was asked if the arcade game would come to the United States and stated Pokkén Tournament would indeed come stateside.

Bachus says he and Namco are both optimistic about the game and will be testing it sometime soon. Dave & Buster’s has over 70 locations across the country and are currently testing other arcade fighters in their San Jose, Dallas and Times Square stores. Pokkén Tournament is already available to play in Japan, we should be seeing a demo in the United States within the next couple of months.