ESports to Partner with NADA and WADA to Prevent Doping

ESL is partnering with NADA (Nationale Anti Doping Agentur) and WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) to help create an anti-doping policy for esports players.

Earlier it was revealed that professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players would use adderall as a performance enhancing drug during tournaments. Adderall is a drug that doctors give people to help them control their adhd (attention deficit disorder) or narcolepsy. The drug is popular for mainly kids that don’t have either due to the fact that it helps the users maintain great focus on whatever task they deem it necessary for.

So it seems natural that professional gamers would use the drug to maximize their performance on the big stage. In order to combat adderall, and other possible performance-enhancing drugs, ESL will be providing players with the information and support to handle the pressures being placed on them.

Along with information, ESL will be testing all players that perform in ESL tournaments starting with the ESL One Cologne event this August. The initial tests will be skin tests and take place at the aforementioned ESL One Cologne event,  IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) events, and ESL ESEA Pro League Events. ESL is still developing their policy and what disciplinary actions will be taken for those found doping through admitting use or having been caught taking them. They’re also still crafting their list of banned substances and testing methods that will take place to ensure that players are not doping in their tournaments.