Latest Splatoon Map Arrives Tomorrow Night

Splatoon has proven to have some surprising staying power. Despite an initially worrying amount of content, Nintendo has hit a home-run with its post-launch content distribution strategy, releasing new weapons, maps, and modes each week to keep the experience fresh. The latest of these updates is set to arrive tomorrow, adding a new map, Camp Triggerfish, to the quickly expanding rotation. Like many of the maps that have trickled out since Splatoon’s may release, it was teased months in advance in Nintendo Direct footage and magazine articles.

Each of Splatoon’s maps thus far have felt quite distinct, and Camp Triggerfish appears to keep that streak alive. Apart from its summer camp locale, the new map’s most unique features are the floodgates at each team’s base that lower automatically when a match enters its final minute, creating a tasty opportunity for late-game drama. In Ranked Battle, however, the floodgates are down from the start, so you better bring your A-game.

Camp Triggerfish will be available free of charge at 7 PM PST tomorrow. Stay fresh!