SGDQ Schedule Released

If you like speed running and charity then SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) might be for you.

SGDQ is an annual week long event to raise money for Doctors without borders. The greatest speed runners from around the world come together and take turns running their respective titles. During that time there’s great commentary about the strategies being used and their difficulty from the runner or other popular runners of the same game.

During that 7 day span the only down time is that used to switch from game to game and get the runners in place. Other than that, for 7 days straight there will be speed running action without a break. Some titles will be races between multiple runners while othersĀ areĀ just one player showing off their skill.

It’s also worth noting that these runs aren’t your usual world record attempts. The players, while performing their best, aren’t completely into the race at hand. Theirs a lot of fun had by all the participators for those watching. You can think of SGDQ like the all-star event for speed runners, and while they may not be intentionally going for a world record they do still happen.

If you enjoy speed running you should check it out starting July 26 through August 1, and can do so here. You can also look at the schedule of games to be ran here. Below is this year’s promotional video to give you a feel for what SGDQ is like.