New Splatoon Commercial Teases New Maps, Weapons

Nintendo has been showing Splatoon a lot of love with weekly updates adding new maps, modes, and weapons, but the game’s latest Japanese commercial has revealed a few surprising new additions are on the way.

Two new maps, apparently set on a bridge and the rooftops respectively, are seen at numerous points throughout the footage, showing Nintendo has no plans to slow down its post-launch content distribution anytime soon. The online ink-based shooter’s initially sparse stage selection has grown much more diverse since its launch back in May, and players will be delighted to know more maps are on the way. However, the two new weapons revealed in the commercial will undoubtedly draw more attention.

The first appears to be a gattling gun, boasting rapid fire not unlike the ever-popular Aerospray, but the second, a simple bucket, is unlike anything we’ve seen in the game thus far. Finally, the commercial ends with what looks to be our first glimpse of the previously announced “Rainmaker” game mode, showing an inkling carrying a golden gun and firing a shot like that of the Inkzooka.

There’s no word on when any of this content will be available, but it’s likely Nintendo will release it as part of the highly anticipated August update that will supposedly introduce more robust matchmaking options. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say Splatoon’s popularity won’t be fading any time soon.