Reminder: Amazon’s Palutena amiibo Pre-orders Open (and Likely Close) Today

If you’re looking to keep your amiibo collection complete, you better set an alarm: Amazon’s most recent exclusive amiibo, Palutena, will be available to pre-order today as of 2 PM PST. She’ll likely sell out fast, so make sure your account is all set up for a quick checkout before the hour of reckoning rolls around.

If you’ve caught the amiibo bug that’s been making its way around since Nintendo launched its first batch of NFC figures back in November of last year, you probably have a harrowing, heartbreaking, or infuriating tale about your pursuit of a retailer-exclusive amiibo. Nintendo’s distribution (or lack thereof) has been a prominent point of discussion since the introduction of amiibo, but Amazon has shown with more recent waves of the NFC figures that it’s learning how to handle the incredible demand fans continue to show. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone who wants a certain figure will be able to buy it, but it’s certainly a lot more consumer-friendly than it used to be.

Happy hunting!