Sekai Project Announces Latest Visual Novel Acquisitions at Otakon

Where is the best place to announce visual novels? It seems anime conventions prove the most fruitful! Sekai Project was at Otakon this weekend and revealed five of their latest acquisitions. It seems there’s definitely a variety of choices for different types of fans.

Tenshin Ranman Happy-Go-Lucky by Yuzusoft begins with the delivery of a young woman to Haruki’s doorstep. The intro might sound very similar to NEKOPARA, but this is a different tale as she has been delivered by the gods themselves. We can expect to see it “soon.”

Nenokami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto by Kruo Irodoru Yomiji is a yuri game that places players in an alternate Japan where demons have begun to roam. High school student Ren reunites with her old friend who tells her the two must abandon everything immediately.

Witch Boy Magical Piece by Rosemary House is a different sort of magical girl story. Five boys with impressive magical powers must transform into womanly witches to combat aliens attacking the Earth. expect to see this one on Kickstarter.

fault milestone two side:above by ALICE IN DISSONANCE shouldn’t really be a surprise for anyone who played fault milestone one. Of course the next chapter was on the way! In any case, you’re going to want to beat the first before jumping into this visual novel in September.

NEKOPARA vol. 0 by NEKO WORKs is a slight surprise because it is a fan disc for NEKOPARA vol. 1. Basically, it’s a lighthearted and brief telling of a silly day with all your cat girl buddies. There’s no release date on this just yet.